A small recycled timber store, overflowing with gorgeous old timbers!

SATURDAYS 10am-4pm, sms when needed on weekdays

These timbers have been sourced from large timber yard leftovers, building demolitions, and roadside skip bins. Much of the grand old wood was sourced from natural forests many decades ago; the stuff they’re made of is truly spectacular compared to modern sustainable plantation timber. They have lifetimes of service left to give, trees like these won't be seen again of many generations!

Explore them personally in-store, they are rich with scent, colour, pattern, texture, age, density, and strength.

My goal is to re-home as many of these timbers as possible. If I can help you utilise any recycled timber, I’ll do my best to make it happen!

Once collected all timbers are kept dry and indoors.

 Do you want to reuse or re-home your old timber?

I might be able to help you utilise old timber you already have at home, call me for a chat!


Pricing Made Simple

Round down to the nearest half-metre..

Photo’s from Customers!