Detailed Woodwork & Carpentry

made from Reclaimed/Recycled Timber

Focus woodwork areas:

I enjoy performing all accurate woodwork. In particular, my experience, passion, and skills with specialised tools are well suited for these more detailed areas :

-Interior feature wall cladding

-Upgrades of skirting, architraves, picture rails, and detail woodwork trims

-Upgrades of doors, door jambs (door frame), locks and door accessories

- Wall and ceiling Gyprock (plasterboard) sheeting (smaller, one-person sized jobs), and wall surface repairs.

-One-of-a-kind cabinetry and woodwork joinery

-Experienced in the application or special paint finishes, and outdoor furniture rejuvenation.

-Demolition and building of walls, floors, and ceilings.

-Deck repairs, upgrades, and rejuvenation.

-Careful demolition of wall claddings, kitchens and bathrooms, outdoor structures, and interior flooring - careful demolition = no unnecessary work on surrounding surfaces =  less total work = lower overall project cost!


Where is your project?

You can catch me woodworking in the Inner West and Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.


My Work History

For 8 years I studied and practiced kitchen and bathroom design, residential styling and interior design, drafting, job specifying, estimating, and home renovation scheduling. From 2008, my excitement flowed towards 'finishing' carpentry and woodwork, one-off design, sustainability using recycled materials, and unique renovation projects. For several years I had the amazing opportunity to work closely with, and learn from a master woodwork craftsman who inspired a whole different approach to carpentry. I enjoy thinking creatively about unique requests, and arriving together at the perfect set of ideas!

Reducing Harm  

I'm always looking for ways to reduce harm to all living beings by constantly making simple changes in products or work practices. I am aiming towards a 100% vegan carpentry practice. I would love any suggestions to help me reduce harm!

What size is your project?

I perform most projects on my own. This allows me the solitude to focus intently and efficiently on each task.

I always use fixed price written documentation. I select projects under $20,000. This small project size leads to a simpler schedule that is achievable, and less waiting time when you need me. 

Be at ease about your warranty and insurance protection

All my workmanship carries my warranty of 5 years. My formal training is NSW carpentry, interior design, and small business management.

My informal training includes childhood learning with my father in custom cabinetry, project management with builders, and many years of carpentry alongside a select few amazing tradespeople, including specialists in historic homes.